Heidi has been enjoying creating makeovers for her clients from all over for close to 18yrs now. Heidi jumps for joy when her clients give her free reign to get creative enhancing her clients natural beauty with a new unique style that is easy to manage. Heidi is deeply passionate about developing authentic relationships with her clients and hopes that every person would experience being nurtured and cared for whilst visiting the salon. The undercurrent that compels Heidi to go that extra mile in serving her clients is Jesus and His love for her and all humanity, this includes every single customer. Her heart is that everyone would encounter a touch of God's love and healing presence when they enter the salon, that would not only transform their hair but draw their hearts closer the very one who created them. Heidi's love for God and people goes beyond the hair style and deeper to the core of who we are and where our true identity comes from, we are not just this physical body we see in the mirror but we are spirit, soul and body and that each person has been created in God's image fearfully and wonderfully made, unique and one of a kind with a specific purpose on this earth. Heidi freely offers compassionate prayer for all customers upon request, who are in need of hope, encouragement, breakthrough and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Hannah has been hair dressing for over 6 years now and has loved every minute of it! She is passionate about creating easy and low maintenance styles for her clients, using products that are environmentally friendly and filled with organic ingredients. Hannah loves all aspects of hair dressing, but she has a special place in her heart for up-styles and bridal hair.


Very early in Cathryn's career she knew she made the right decision by choosing hair. She has a natural gift for hair management and for creating beautiful styles. The hair industry is always on the cutting edge with new and exciting changes. These changes have been a great motivation for Cathryn to hone her skills. Cathryn enjoys working alongside some very interesting and talented individuals at Dollface, looking out over the beautiful ocean.